The weatherproof carriage features warm Irish lambswool blankets to snuggle into and also an elegant table equipped with glass holders and a wine cooler for guests to enjoy refreshments onboard. There is a choice of tours to choose from so whether you’re a keen history buff or  simply want to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenic views you won’t be disappointed.

Payment Methods

Tickets for all tours / carriage rides MUST be purchased in advance with the exception of walk ups.

  • Credit/ Debit ( Visa & Mastercard ) card payments can be accepted over the phone by calling us on + 353 85 1578356. A receipt will be issued to your email immediately upon receipt of payment. The receipt can then be used as your ticket.
  • PayPal a payment request invoice will be sent to your email address.  ( Note: you do not need to be a registered   Pay Pal user to use this service and will not incur any additional charges ) Receipt will be issued via email immediately upon receipt of payment. The receipt can then be used as your ticket.
  • Cash accepted for bookings made on the day OR advance ticket purchase from our office- strictly by appointment only
  • SEPA ( Electronic Bank transfers) are also accepted

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made no less than 48 hrs prior to tour time upon which a full refund will issue, in the case of extreme unforeseen weather warnings guests will be notified of cancellation by email with a full refund issued. Note:: A 5% credit card handling charge will apply on all refunds with the exception of cancellations made due to extreme weather conditions.

On Board Refreshments

Guests can order Bar drinks ( purchased separately ) from select participating pubs bars and bring on to the carriage. * Note Alcoholic beverages may be consumed on board the carriage by persons aged 18 + yrs. Proof of age may be required .


“Bring Your Own “ – Guests wishing to bring along their own refreshments must supply their own service ware i.e glasses / cups. Ice and disposal of empties provided at no additional cost

Horse Welfare Policy

Our beautiful home bred Traditional Irish Gypsy horses are precious to us and their welfare is top priority at all times. The horses are changed regularly to ensure a horse fresh from a day(s) off at our beautiful horse farm is there to greet you. The horses are rested / offered food/water and washed down & groomed between each tour.

We strictly monitor the amount of tours a horse is asked to do and will NEVER ask a tired hungry horse to pull a carriage.

Upon returning to the stable yard after  work the horses are given a hot wash down and blanketed before retiring for  the night to their warm and comfy stable with plenty of hay / fresh water and of course a healthy nutritious dinner  complete with vitamin supplements and lots of carrots!